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Commune by the Great Wall
Beijing, China


Once hailed as the “New Architectural Wonder of China”, Commune by the Great Wall was a one-off creation by SOHO CHINA in the new millennium, with 12 invited Asian Architects each designing an ideal villa of their dream. Sets at the outskirt of Beijing, the project has a direct visual contact with the Great Wall of China, won the Silver Lion Awards at the Venice Biennale in 2002.


The House/ Villa designed by our office comes in two parts, the living and sleeping quarter and the dining quarter – different in size, both in the form of an “L” shape, enclose an internal courtyard that resembles the traditional quadrangle houses of Beijing. The cracks opening of the square form, allows the flow of the inner man-made landscape merged with the external natures of the surrounding mountains.


The house was nicknamed as: The Two Brothers.

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