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GLP Suzhou, China (2022)

The overall design is executed based on the concept of the 'Creative Enclave Campus'. The campus offers various spaces for people to meet, gather and relax and share new products or services of different sizes.

For the main facade material, we recommend using local Suzhou grey bricks or similar stone materials and for the upper levels, we suggest using economical industrial steel sandwich panels to bring out a style that revitalizes the local modern taste. Standard glass curtain walls are limited to the interior courtyard and the standalone commercial F&B building to help reduce costs.

This plan includes a new second-floor 'E-Deck' public walkway connection concept. It is an optional accessory that links the stand alone commercial F&B building and other office building s and public spaces called 'Urban Rooms'. 


Interior Design by Multiply Plus One

(a subsidiary branch of Kay Ngee Tan Architects)

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