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BreadTalk IHQ, Singapore (2013)



The brief for the headquarters building of Bread Talk Group calls for a building that seeks a different solution in modern presentation, especially in environmental issues. Architecture first takes cue from the idea of tiered layering of slightly displaced floors, as if layers of bread slices have been loosely arranged to its finished form. These layers then vary in height to cater to the needs of the programmatic spaces which the building contains. Apart from the figurative metaphor of bread slices, the language of layered stacking was also intentional so as to create natural opportunities for shade and air pockets to occur for landscaped terraces to be inserted. The analogy of having green lungs on each floor then resonates with The Breadtalk Group's inclination towards a greener environment.

這一家人氣麵包店總部,融合了現代建築與環境設計。結構有如店中層層疊起的的糕點 ,不同高度的樓層,符合了各個使用空間的需要。分態堆疊的造型備設植與招璃線團, 讓空氣對流穿越,减少了用電和碳排量。每紙機皆有綠票,是「麵包物品集團」對城市 環境的表態與肯獻。

Photo Credits by Dennis Gilbert

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