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Homage Service Apartments

Istanbul, Turkiye

Nested within a quiet local neighbourhood of mixed religions and culture, Homage is concepturalized as a form of reverence to both modern istanbul and the building's antiquity.

The 5-storey 1930s traditional building was reovated and refurbished into a series of fully equipped studio, deluxe and superior bespoke apartments designed to create modern spaces that connect and interact with the existing historical fabric. 

The design takes reference from Turkey's Ottoman past where selective colours, furniture and abstractions of islamic geometrical patterns are adopted. Locally sourced materials of wood, steel, ceremic, fabric and carpets crafted by local artisans are used throughout the refurbishment works, enhancing the image and experience of Homage. 

In addition, Homage has a photographic showcase of historical Istanbul by famed Magnum Photographer Ara Guler.

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