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Select Group Corporate, Singapore (2017)



The new headquarter of Select Group is expressed as two volumetric blocks, the front L-shaped building, which houses the office, the showroom and the in-house culinary school is cladded in glass and aluminum, giving transparency and lightness; the production building is immediately behind the office building: a Box suspended above ground with a randomly arranged façade design detail inspired by the traditional dim sum basket is mostly opaque to better control the amount of light and heat entering the work space. The spatial layout allows for generous greenery and open areas for the staff and visitors yet expresses the dual quality of production and office spaces.

樂勝集團的企業總部設計以兩個建築形態來體現:L 型的一棟在前面比較通透,一轉直達最高層。裡頭有辦公室、展示廳、烹飪學校等,玻璃和鋁框築成的大樓日光充沛,也可眺望遠處的海景。中央廚房製作空間在寫字樓的後方:方盒子凌空而起,大小各異的陶片宛似點心竹蒸籠–拱起的弧形陶片提供良好的通風,也促成擋陽的效果。兩棟大樓之間安排了開闊的綠化和空中花園,無論員工或是訪客,都能感受到雙重優質的製作與辦公工作環境。

Photo Credits by Dennis Gilbert

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