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Koru Galleries, Hong Kong

Our brief was to create a space for the display of contemporary wood and glass art in a high-rise industrial building located on the edge of Aberdeen Bay, on the southem tip of Hong Kong Island. The client's portfolio of artists include wood and glass artists from Murano in Italy, New Zealand and Taiwan.


Our immediate instinct was to move away from the notion of the art gallery as 'white box', as most contemporary galleries have been conceptualized in recent years. We decided to treat the interior of the gallery as a finely crafted piece of architecture, not unlike the way a wood sculptor would, for example, pay a great amount of attention to the consideration of form, detail and the play of light and shadow on a particular piece.


The interior clearly becomes a work of art in itself, adding to the conversations surrounding the pieces of art displayed therein. This is not mute, backdrop architecture.


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