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House at Peirce Hill, Singapore (2014)



Perched on a hill in a secluded part of the city is House at Peirce Hill. This two storied 'Good-Class Bungalow' is assembled of a Main house and an Annex wing. A sense of statement and a quiet presence as one approaches the bend. The house is designed with two components, the ‘Horizontal’ and the ‘Vertical’ like the brush strokes of Chinese calligraphy. 


Photo Credits by Dennis Gilbert



16-17 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089600
65 6423 0198
10 Bolton Road
London NW8 ORJ
44 20 7624 1602

Kallavi Sokak
No: 30/4 Beyoğlu İstanbul
90 212 252 4817

Site Area:

1,746 sqm

Development Type:

Residential (Good Class Bungalow)​




Completed in 2014

House at Peirce Hill, Singapore



Our design approach for this house reflects the close bond between a mother and her family. The younger son prefers more privacy and resides at a private annex block tucked at the side while the mother and her elder son resides in the main building.

The front elevation of the main building is void of windows and is composed of smooth off-form concrete, large stone façade and fluted teak panels where it conceals the main door entrance. As one enters the entrance foyer, the space reveals a double storey textured screen framed in steel, woven by lattices of different lengths of teak wood. The screen faces North-East and thus, casts elongated shadows at dawn, giving the foyer an ethereal quality to it. The mother is an avid collector of Asian sculptures and antique furniture. She enjoys having a great company of friends and family over the weekends and she is passionate about making hearty home cooked food. She is also fervent collector of wines. Thus, the house was designed to fulfil all three of her passions by stacking them one on top of the other.

The Kitchen, located on 1st floor is a short distance from the entrance foyer and is first and foremost, the heart of the house, because its where her close friends and family gather and talk about their day, keeps her company while she prepares the meals. It faces the main courtyard with 2 hardy bonsai trees. The wine cellar is designed to be conveniently located at the basement below the kitchen, while on the 2nd floor, one is greed by an open gallery where she displays her collection of antiques.

The Annex is segregated by a stretch of pool and some small trees. A circular staircase of the annex becomes the focus from the main building’s front door. As one approaches the circular staircase, it leads one to a double storey open lounge area with a view of the swimming pool. Behind the lounge is the main gym area and massage room which is being used by everyone.


Photo Credits by Dennis Gilbert

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