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Singapore Management University (2005)



An international competition was organized by SMU in the year of 2000. In this award winning scheme, collaboration between UK’s Edward Cullinan Architects and KNTA combines foreign views with local sensibilities. The site is at the prime city centre location, with many notable buildings and context of historical significance. The master planning of the campus executes great sensitivity when planning for both human and vehicular circulation. 3 axes create both visual linkages and pedestrian vistas that double up as breathing spaces within the bustling city. The first axis links the school compound to the Singapore Art Museum and opens up towards Fort Canning, while the second lines up Dhoby Ghaut and Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. The last axis links the campus buildings internally.

在2000 年新加坡管理大學(SMU) 舉辦了國際競賽,此計劃是英國ECA 和本地KNTA之間的合作,從外國人的角度來融合當地的風俗民情。該大學位於優越的市中心地理位置,附近有許多著名的古老建築物,蘊藏著豐富的歷史背景。在校園的總體規劃中,運用了高度敏感性來整合人口和車輛流通的路線。建築結構裡運用3 條軸線來建立視覺效果,為此增加了在繁華都市裡呼吸的空間。第一軸線聯繫學校和新加坡美術館,並走向福康臨山丘;第二條軸線連接了多美歌和善牧天主教堂;最後條軸線連接著內部校園建築物。

Photo Credits by Dennis Gilbert

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