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Suzhou Singapore International School
Suzhou, China

The Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) began as a school offering international education to children of the international expatriates when they came to develop the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in the 1990s. From an initial student cohort of 27, the school has grown to its current student body of 1300. To cater for this expansion, SSIS moved to its present-day 15-hectare campus to occupy the 1st phase of its world-class facility in 2005.


The 15-hectare school campus is now ready to take on the 2nd phase of its expansion plan which includes the Diploma extension block to the existing SSIS, the new SWA, an ELITE centre, a student hostel compound and a small service support facility.




“蘇新國際學校”(SSIS) 始於1990年代,為當時開發“蘇州工業園區”(SIP)外國人士的孩童提供國際教育。從當時只有27名,至學校成長達到1300名學生的今天。為了迎合學校的快速成長,“蘇新國際學校”(SSIS)搬遷至現有15公傾的校園,在2005年完成具備了世界一流設施的第一階段建設。

佔地15公頃的校園,為各項需求開拓第二期的擴建計劃,包括了擴增現有的“蘇新國際學校”(SSIS)高校校舍、“新蘇州外語學校”(SWA)校舍、“卓越教育中心”(ELITE Centre)、學生宿生和小型設施房副樓。

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