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Kinokuniya EmQuartier, Bangkok


After having served the community in Bangkok at the Emporium store for over 15 years, Kinokuniya Book- store has moved to the newer expansion of the mall- EmQuartier across the street of Sukhumvit. The new store retains the same cultural quality that the readers and customers love of the old Emporium store, while providing a larger floor area.


Like the previous store, the design for the new Kinokuniya EmQuartier store is inspired by the beauty of traditional Thai architecture, not only the subtle color scheme - of matt black with occasional touches of gold and lacquered red paint, but also the layering quality that can be found in both domestic and majestic spaces of Thai architecture.


The folded celling effect that was much loved in the old Emporium store is reproduced with folded planes (like the pages of a book) with similar treatment of air supply and background lighting giving the bookstore a warm and welcoming ambience, like a traditional English reading room or library. These features add (like the service in the store) a very personal feel and touch, that is unique to this bookstore.

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