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Kinokuniya JEM, Singapore


Since the establishment of Kinokuniya Flagship Store in 1999, Kinokuniya has been Singapore’s largest bookstore. Kinokuniya stores have always been a great place where people feel completely comfortable to be. Following the launch of Kinokuniya Bugis Store in 2010, the latest branch set to be established is strategically located in the heart of west Singapore - Jurong.

The design concept for Kinokuniya Jurong Store explores the historical and cultural context of Jurong; which informs the design of the interior spaces to create a rich, multilayered environment so as to provide a unique experience for readers.

The design of the Jurong store is influenced by Kampong cultural elements such as fishing activities and weaving craft. The unique patternated qualities of basket weaving and fish netting evoke an intuitive connection to the past culture of Jurong.

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