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Kinokuniya CentralwOrld, Bangkok, Thailand (2022)

Visiting the new Kinokuniya store at CentralwOrld Bangkok is like exploring the compounds of a large garden. This is because the main bookstore is not immediately obvious. As one discovers the delightful Garden Terrace Book Kiosk, while being captivated by the displays of comics and goods, one would encounter the frontage of the main bookstore. 

The timber entrance continues at the ceiling and guides the wanderer to every section of the bookstore. At the centre of the "garden" is a centre-stage hosting daily book events. The floor sparkles with "mother-of-pearl" terrazzo specially created for this space and along the main pathways.

K Cafe, situated at a special zone of the bookstore invites its patrons to enjoy and savour a cup of magic. Refreshed, energized and ready to go for some book browsing once more.

Photo Credits by Nishikawa Masao


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