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Page One Vivocity, Singapore (DEFUNCT)


Page One Vivocity occupies an enviable location in the newest and largest waterfront shopping mall in Singapore. The seaside context of the bookshop as well as the architectural backdrop of Toyo Ito's naturalistic and amorphous building inspires a bookshop that looks toward natural forms and environments.

Moved by some ideas in Tao Yuan-Ming's Land of Peach Blossoms, we see the environment we create as being parallel to the utopia that Feng Lai Island represents in Tao's famed story. In this poetic space, knowledge allows one to transcend into a new utopia. 

It is here that we see images of sea life - corals drift wood, sea anemone, starfish, manta rays and octopus. These inspire unique designs for the furniture both in terms of form, colour and materiality. 

Page One Vivocity recollects the playfully memorable interiors of early Page One bookshops like the first store in Marina Square which features tilting bookshelves. It also re-looks the sculptural forms seen in the Page One bookshop at the Design Centre. 

This bookstore received the President*s Design Award - Design of the Year in 2007. 

Photo credits by Tay Kay Chin

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